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When Boo passed away I began the search for a church to attend. I am not going to bash any church because every person has to find the place that they feel right in. Just because I did find that a certain church was right for me does not mean there is anything wrong with the church. That should cover my legal bases, lol. Being in the small town of Magnolia you wouldn’t think there would be many churches to choose from, well you would be wrong. I think there are as many churches here as there are places to eat. So you could say there are places to feed your body and places to feed your soul. I went to the First Baptist Church for a couple of months but not much interaction with the members. Bear in mind this is a large church and I was just one person. I don’t remember when I started going to “The Journey Church” in Waller. I know it was the church that Lisa Guidry went to. We had been dating for a while and then I started going to that church. It was at this church that I was rebaptized. I enjoyed this church very much. Jonie Scruggs has a wonderful way of bringing the word to the people. Unfortunately my relationship with Lisa didn’t last, to no fault of either of us, and I choose to move to another church since this was her church. So thus the search began again. I went to the “Living Water Assembly God”, which brought back memories of my child hood church. Then we tried the Methodist Church and the Champions Cowboy Church. At one point Kitty and I returned to the Journey Church to see their new worship center. (Lisa was no longer attending). We went back and forth between the cowboy church and the Journey church. Went more often to the cowboy church because the 9am service seems to fit our schedule better. Once or twice we saw Lisa or one of her girls there, then nothing. That could have been because we began to go to the 9am service. The church is also based on the Assembly of God platform but without the “Pentecost” or “Holy roller” that I was raised on. So to get to the point. At the Christmas eve service Lisa was serving coffee and I saw both the girls. Now I’m in a dilemma, I like this church and Kitty likes it as well. I have no problem being there although I’m not sure how she and the girls feel. On that Christmas eve night Libby was behind us on the way out and I heard her say “Oh my god, its Charles”. This all being said, should I feel bad about going to this church?

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