Black Moon

“Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana.”

These were the first words I heard when I came to. The chant was from female voices in the darkness. I could not see. I was naked. I could feel the cold surface on my back, butt and legs. I tried to open my eyes to no avail. I could not move. My arms and legs were strapped down.

The rhythmic chant was accompanied by several beating drums. The voices recited the chant slowly and melodically, over and over. I tried to say something, but my lips refused to part and my jaw remained motionless. I sensed the smell of smoldering sage and rosemary, along with some other essences that I could not recognize.

The last thing I remember was being in my car on a dark desert highway. I had the top down on my Mercedes letting the cool wind blow through my hair. I was looking for a place to stop. Up ahead in the distance, I saw a glimmering light on a sign that read “Lodging ahead”. My eyes lids were growing heavy as I pulled into the parking lot of the motel. My car died. The lights went out, and so did I.

“Open your eyes”, echoed a voice in my head.

I slowly opened my eyes. The flickering flames of torches surrounded the room. The shadowy forms around me became silhouettes of gyrating females dressed in translucent gowns. A new chant rose from the voices.

“Hecate, Dark Mother take us in. Hecate, let us be reborn.”

Still struggling to move, I watched two naked female forms with smoldering baskets on their heads. They slowly swayed to the chant and glided toward the throne. A large white wolf sat majestically on the seat. It howled melodically along with the chant. Two figures next to the throne, draped the animal with a gold flowing sheet and then knelt before the platform. There was movement beneath the gold material. It began to rise slowly. The chanting voices transitioned into a new chant.

“Queen of Queens, come to us in all our dreams, blessed goddess from afar”. A scarlet haired female emerged from the golden shroud and levitated above the throne.

“Mother of Darkness, Mother of Light. Earth beneath us, soul in flight.” The female form lifted from the throne and glided over to where I was being held hostage on the altar.

“On this night of the Black Moon, I Hecate, will take a human mate. In human form, I shall remain and rule over Earth, air, fire and water. I am Hecate”.

She lowered her body down on me. I was mesmerized by her beauty. I could not resist her charms. As she continued the ritual, to my horror her image seemed to shift from scarlet haired beauty, to gray haired hag. To her original form of the white wolf and back to the red headed Goddess.

The chants and drum beats grew in volume and speed, until Hecate’s wolfen form shimmered into visibility, howled and turned back to the voluptuous beauty. She rose above me and glided to the floor. She was surrounded by the many chanting females. They all began to move to what appeared to be an exit.

“Grant us peace and grant us love. Lead thy children here below. Let us, all thy secrets know”.

I struggled with my restraints again, still to no avail. The chants had faded into silence and the hopelessness of my situation weighed heavily upon me. The drugs they had given me had my body feeling heavy and I was drifting in and out.

“Mister, mister”, came a voice. There was a hand on my shoulder jostling me. “Wake up. You need to get out of here before they come back.”

In my blurry vision I was barely able to make out a form standing next to me. The pressure from the bindings holding my wrist subsided. I felt tugging at the shackles on my ankles. I still was unable to speak. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. The figure lifted my head up and swung my feet around until I was sitting up on the alter. Another wave of dizziness hit me as my feet hit the ground. My stomach churned and I retched.

I could now see that my rescuer was a blonde haired beauty. She was wearing a medieval white tunic. I tried to speak again but I was only able to squeak out “Where am I?”

“We will have time for that later. We have to go, now!”
Supporting most of my weight, she lifted and pulled me toward a faintly lit opening. I could hear voices coming down the corridor. She grabbed a torch from off the wall with her free hand as we entered the hallway. The voices were getting louder, I thought I heard them say. “He can never leave, you have to kill him.” I was suddenly pulled to the side into an open doorway.

Up ahead in the distance, I could see a shimmering light in a courtyard. A rhythmic chant filled the air, while running footsteps echoed behind me.

“What was that thing, what was this all about? Why are you helping me?”

“I was at the symposium you gave on ancient paganism,” she said. “That thing, as you call it, is the goddess, Hecate, or at least her spirit but she is now in human form.”

“Why did she choose me?”

“You should know,” she said. “You are the seventh son of the seventh son and it is a Black Moon.”

“I had totally forgotten about that.” I said. “It was thought to be a myth.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” A voice above us boomed. Hecate suddenly swept down and landed in front of us. She grabbed the girl and threw her like a rag doll, against the corridor wall. Without the girl’s support, my legs buckled beneath me and the lights went out.

When I awoke I was sitting at a large banquet table in a huge ornately decorated room with a mirrored ceiling. Along both sides of the table were females in flowing robes. At the other end of the table was Hecate. There was a large carcass laid out in the middle of the table. Everyone was feverishly stabbing and cutting chunks with their steely knives. A chorus of chants echoed through the room. No one seemed to notice I was there.

I leapt up out of my chair and darted towards the doorway midway down one of the walls. I was running as fast as my drug laden body would let me. I could have sworn the chant behind me had changed to “You can never leave.” I continued down the passage looking for a way out. As I rounded a corner, I slammed into a wall. A dead end. I was panicking. The voices behind me were coming closer and getting louder. I was desperately feeling along the walls, hopelessly trying to find a way out. Suddenly, the floor beneath me gave way and my body began sliding down a slope and gaining speed. For what seemed like forever, I continued sliding until, with a jolt, I slammed into a barrier that shattered under my weight. There, before me, was a parking lot and my car. As I drove off, I saw the shimmering light of the building grow in intensity and then blinked out of existence.

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