Breaking News – Plots uncovered at the RNC

Breaking News

By Veronica Miles The Houston Tribune

Cleveland, Ohio
July 19, 2016

Confidential sources confirmed with me that several plots were uncovered and stopped during the early morning hours on Tuesday. A man was found in one of the kitchens preparing to mix rat poison into the BBQ Sauce that was going to be served to the Texas delegates for lunch on Tuesday. Arresting officers said they found #NeverTrump documents on his person. Another unrelated incident involved an undercover agent posing as a BLM supporter. He was approached by a person looking to have Donald Trump assassinated during his acceptance speech. The suspect is now in custody. He had offered the agent $10,000 and said that he had everything needed to make this happen. When the FBI searched the suspects room they found a sophisticated 3D printer, plans, materials to make an sniper riffle and several different security passes that would have allowed the person into secured areas. On further investigation of his social media page they found links to the #NeverTrump movement. The FBI has not released the identity of the suspects in either of these plots.

This is Veronica Miles keeping you informed.




I had originally started to post this on Facebook as a breaking news story to see if it would get any attention but I chickened out.


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