On my political soap box….

I am so done with politics. This goes out to all the sore losers (although according to them it ain’t over yet). So you want to take your marbles and go home, so childish. Even Mr. Berry (740 am) said he wasn’t going to vote… Haven’t the republicans learned from the last time? They protested the presidential candidate by not voting and we got 4 more years of Obama. Time to hit the reset button on the Republican Party, they have no balls, they gave the dems everything they asked for. And while we are at it, set term limits on congress starting with the next election so we can flush the toilet and get fresh water in there.

I’m also tired of everyone saying the Trump supporters are doing all the violence. I am sorry but the group of people I have seen throwing things a Trump supporters, attacking the police, trashing police cars, bringing their kids to the protest and having them use the F-word are NOT Trump supporters. Those are Trump haters, Cruz, Hillary and Bernie supporters. These folks are acting just like these college kids who need a “Safe Space” so they don’t hear anything that offends them.

Off my political soap box….

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