A new year

Well it’s a new year, actually we are 32 days into 2015 and it’s going to prove to be another challenging year. Once again I’m in between clients. Don’t know what comes next. So let’s see if we can run down 2015 and come current.

So during January and I was working at Agility, the drive was terrible, but I was giving the job everything I had and was even praying that God would help me perform well and solve the problems that I was presented with. I thought I was doing well considering no training on the software, actually no training from my supervisor. She was wrapped up in her on issues trying to run the entire United States operation.

Not sure why I was put in that building which is the same building that my sister works in. I met some people that work in the building and plan to keep in contact later. The markets in January of markets had gotten better in January.

The city of Magnolia has also asked me to help organize their health initiative market, so I’ve been doing that. Since I started the new job at Agility I was unable to attend my writers group anymore because of the hours. On Monday, January 26 it was time to renew the three month contract and unfortunately I was unable to convince them to continue the contract.

So  this week I’ve been trying to get a lot of things done out here on the farm that I hadn’t been able to get done because it was always dark when I was home and there wasn’t enough time on the weekend. After catching one of my neighbors dogs with a chicken I chastised my to guardian dogs because they stood there and watched as he attacked the chicken. Shortly after that Rocky my black-and-white Pyrenees disappeared.  I looked for her for several days and on Saturday I drove the neighborhood and I went through the woods looking to see if I could find a dead body. But I found nothing. On a whim I decided to look under the feed shed. She was under their with a later of puppies. The weather was supposed to get bad, rainy and cold so I coaxed her out from under the shed and moved her and the babies to a vacant chicken coop so they could to stay warm.

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  1. Charles,
    I wish you a good year. Hope things will come together for you. Don’t ever let up on that faith, I know it’s pretty hard not to, but sometimes, we just have to force ourselves to keep pushing forward.

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