March 8, 2014

Well a lot has happened in my personal life but guess what you’re not going to hear about it here. Sorry. This weekend was the monthly feed run, the fourth one since Boo left this world. Each time I have made this trip I have to drive by the exit to the hospital and it always gets to me a little, each time it has gotten easier. This trip I was actually able to get on the road by seven, had been shooting for six. It was a very dreary day, cloudy with a slight mist from time to time. I got Green beans, black-eyed peas, yellow peppers and cucumber seeds for the garden. I purchased some roma tomato plants, jalapeno and serrano pepper plants and some green bell pepper plants. I also had to get some materials to build a hoop shelter for the boys. Was going to stop and eat at “The Cotton Patch “ but at 10 am they weren’t open yet so had breakfast in Navasota at a place called “The Fillin Station”. Once I got back home and the trailer dropped off, headed to the Woodlands for the Home& Garden show. I looked at information on Solar panels, whole house generators and water softener and purifiers.

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