Well starting to get my life together.

Bought a new truck, well new to me, it’s a 2011. Have an appointment to have my teeth looked at to see how I can fix my mouth that I’m so ashamed of. Was suppose to go to the corporate office today with my boss. I was supposed to meet at the Torrey Chase office and ride with him to the Galleria. Halfway there he texted and said he was sick. I usually drive the car to the Galleria because parking spaces are small. I was in the new truck which is huge but I did manage to find a parking space that I can get out of if it was crowded. Last night I chatted with my, what I will call my high school sweetheart. At least she had a crush on me anyway. The night before we had already set up a date to meet on Sunday at Larry’s Mexican restaurant in Richmond. We talked a lot about what things were like when we were in high school. Also, we kind of filled each other in on what happened to each of us during the last 30 years.

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