The final day.

The family is all scheduled to gather around noon the do the 1pm visitation. I was able to find Vanessa and give her the signed copy of my novel and fill her in on what happened with Boo. She said she would come meet the family at the 1pm visitation.

Once the visitation was over the nurse explained how the procedure was going to be done. We stepped out of the room and the nurses did their thing. She looked so much better when we walked in. No more tubes or IVs. She actually looked peaceful. They had giver her something to stop the body from twitching.  She never started breathing and the heart monitor slowly showed the heart slowing down.  In just a minute or two the monitor registered zero. Fay was crying and saying she’s a fighter. After she said  that under her breath the heart rate jumped back to 44 stayed for a moment then returned to zero. I told Fay that Boo had heard her.

I hated seeing Boo hooked up to all the machines and will only try to remember her at that final moment.

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  1. Jim "Hellhound" Herold says:

    I read your blog of the last time Boo was on this earth and as I got towards the end I started to tear up. You two have been good friends to Mary and myself over the years even as we moved apart. It’s hard to believe that Boo has gone. Like Fay said she was such a fighter. She will be missed terribly. But never forgotten.

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