Once again it’s been awhile

Totally exhausted today.  Most likely anxiety, had third interview with a company in Cypress.  Have finished up with two of my clients and I am sure that the third one will not pay me.  I have always had issues when waiting to find out if I will get the vehicle I am trying to buy or waiting to see if we get approval for the home loan.  Now it is will I get an offer from a company I have interviewed with. Had 3rd interview with a company today and came home did chores then tried to get Money updated so I can apply to get our mortgage reduced  permanently.  My PC decided to be a bitch today and I spent most of the day trying to deal with it’s issues.  Plus we had to take our new puppy back to Animal Rescue place to get her spayed, which is required or they take the animal away from you.  Once it was done we were told she had to be contained for a week.  Not allowed to run or jump or any activity.  Poor thing is so sad, she can’t run with the goats or just be let out in the morning to go do her business.  Still not able to write.

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