I can’t believe the day I had!

I feel like I crammed two days into one.  We had to make an emergency feed run to Bryan only to get there I find out they were out of layer grumble and our girls will not eat the pellets but I bought four bags so that we have enough to make it to a Saturday.  Had to plan for getting a job.  To go back before going to Bryan I received an email that made my heart flutter and my mind to think the worst.  I got an email from my recruiter that seemed like a form letter that was saying that he would keep looking for positions for me.  I immediately called him and he said that was a automatic email.  He asked if I got the email he sent last night and I said no.  That is when he told me that the people I interviewed with want to see me again for a short interview and a programming test.  I think after that I think my anxiety kicked in.  We made the trip to Bryan after stopping at Sonic for breakfast/lunch, I had the new Kickin Coney and was not impressed.  Stopped at Aggie Land Credit Union to make a deposit and had for gotten that at this bank there are no tellers in the actual lobby.  You walk up to kiosk where there is a container like there would be at a drive through.  There is also a monitor in front of you and a telephone headset if you want privacy.  When the teller is ready for your transaction they show up on the monitor and process your transaction.  My thought on this is if I wanted to go through the drive thru I would have.  After purchasing our feed and getting it loaded I got in the truck and told Boo these people don’t even know how to load a truck properly, they had everything at the end of the truck bed and even distributed. This really got me upset once we got on the road because the truck was hard to handle and I have had up to 1500 lbs in the bed before and this was only 1000.  Well next stop was Specs in College Station, I bought what I went in for and the clerk just left it in the cart and gave me the receipt.  She didn’t but them in paper bags or a box like they do anywhere else I have been.  I believe it is a state law that the bottles have to be concealed when they leave the store.

Finally we got home and I took care of some clients then we headed off to the emergency city counsel meeting for the city of Magnolia.  It was suppose to happen at 5pm so we sat there till 5:15 then they called the meeting to order, did the prayer(invocation), the pledge allegiance to the US flag and to the Texas flag.  They then announced that they did not have a quorum, one counsel member was in the hospital and the other was in route from Lubbock and should be there by 9pm.  The session would reconvene at 9pm and wait for him to get there since the budget had to be approved today.  I had really wanted see this process but I had too much to do at home and needed a good night sleep.

The rest of this post to be finished tomorrow.


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