It’s finally Friday and is’t over.

What a week and now the hottest weekend since we started the Farmers Market.

So here I sit in front the monitor, fingers on the keyboard and nothing of value is showing on the screen.  Not sure if it is because the fingers aren’t working or the brain not sending signals to them.  When I was working at Baker Hughes my most creative moments were while I was eating lunch hand scratching out page after page of my novel.  During the twenty one months of being officially unemployed I struggled to finish my first novel.  Then jumped right into my second one but when the first query letter to the literary agents was not getting any results I spent my time writing and rewriting it and I’m still not happy with it.  I have several more agents I can send it to once I get it where I think it is right, but getting it there has been a struggle in its self.  Then I dug up some of my old stories I started when I was still in high school and found one that was about a seventeen year old who was destine to be a vampire hunter but didn’t know it.  So thus began the research and planning that took me away from my story of a rookie HPD detective spin off from my first novel.  I’m a Virgo and I am suppose to finish things but I have a string of projects in progress and so far only one is completed.  I sometime used the crutch of loosing my job and the struggle to make the real money to keep the bills paid as an excuse as why I can’t get the time I need to be creative.

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