Our Seven Days In Utopia – Day Four

Something that I forgot about, when we came back from our hike on day three we ran into the owners as they were driving up the road to their house. They had been out hunting wild boar. Their cat Buddy had joined us on our trip back to the cabin.
The reason I mention this; okay we are watching the ultimate 420 movies, Cheech & Chong, so if I get distracted forgive me. I will pray forgiveness at the sunrise service tomorrow. Where was I, oh yeah, as we were heading to Garner State park, I caught glimpse of something dark alongside of the road as we were heading out of the ranch. It was one huge wild board. Sorry could not get the camera out soon enough. We should have texted the owners but I think where we were outside of their property. Once again we took the same drive we took to Leaky to get to Garner State park. While we were driving through the park we saw a hawk and I was able to get a picture. The water in the Frio was so crystal clear you could see the fish. I tied to capture it with the camera but to no avail. We forgot to bring our two person raft with us that morning. We had brought it with us, not sure why we did not bring it to the park with us. When we got to the day pass area we saw paddle boats and rafts stacked up. Being the off season they were not renting them out and there were very few people in the park. We found a nice shady picnic table and had lunch.
After lunch we started walking along the river and around to the hiking trails. There were two trails in the day use area where we were. White Rock Cave Trail and Old Baldy Trail. We choose White Rock Cave. Mind you I am not young anymore but I stay in semi shape with the monthly feed runs, where we have to unload 2,000 pounds of feed. Anyway we started up the trail, it started out pretty easy but continued to get steeper. I truly think we had almost made it but after sitting for a bit and looking at the trail back down, we decided to abort the climb and start back down. It was sketchy a couple of places on the path down. Once off the trail we still had a long walk back to where we had parked. We were completely wiped by the time we go to the truck. Thank goodness this was April not August. On the way back to the cabin we stopped at several places to take pictures of the scenery and the river. Needless to say we didn’t do much of anything the rest of the day.


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