Our Seven days in Utopia.

Day Three.

We made coffee and watched the amazing sunrise from the front porch, then had breakfast. There is just something about sausage and eggs and the smell of a ranch in the morning. It reminded me of when I would spend the summer at my grandparent’s house. There is nothing like waking up to the smells of breakfast, coffee, (brewed in a percolator) and the great outdoors. Grandma and grandpa didn’t have air condition but they did have an attic fan and we slept with the windows open to create a draft to keep the house cool. So when you woke up in the morning aside from the smells everything was damp, which also had an aroma. Today we are going to Ingram to see Stone Hinge II and the two Easter Island statues. This is the longest day trip; an hour and half drive; that we have planned. We are also going to take Jazzie with us. The route we took to get there was via 187. The route had many very steep hills and a lot of sharp curves and the scenery was just amazing.

We got there about 10:30 am which was still a little early for the restraint to be open. We walked down to the Guadalupe River, that ran behind the restraint and the outdoor auditorium. I forget the ladies name working in the gift shop, but she was from Magnolia. We took pictures within the stone hinge structure. Seeing the real Stone Hinge is on our bucket list but I had to see this on just to say we had been there. The main attraction there is the “Hill County Arts Foundation” ( www.hcaf.com ) The restaurant,”Chi-Chos Café”, finally opened. Good thing, because I was starving. As a side note the café is dog friendly, so Jazzie was experiencing her first people restaurant. Of course she was pampered by the staff. Since we had not been able to hear the news since Monday, and the café had Wi-Fi I pulled up “Iheart Radio” on my phone to listen to “Rush”, don’t judge. I will say that everyone we talk to on our trip were first to bring up politics, and yes they were all Trump supporters. We had a great time talking to the waitresses. The food was great as was the conversation was light in the darkness from the mainstream media, but enough about politics. Jazzie even got to eat my left overs.

Instead of retracing our steps, we took the road least traveled, via Kerrville, just so we could see different scenery. When we got back to Utopia we had dinner at the “Lost Maples Café”, which was featured in the movie “Seven Days in Utopia”. I wasn’t impressed with my meal but I’m picky. Kitty really liked the onion rings but the waitress looked at her funny when she asked for mustard.

So after dinner we went back to the cabin. We opened one of the last two bottle of our first batch of mead( 3 years old) that we had brought. Afterward we hiked from the cabin into the inner part of the ranch. We got to a large open area and found a stage and another structure in front of the stage, which I assume was for the sound board. (I believe that is what it is called. At the time that we found it we didn’t realize that this was where they hold UTOPIAFEST; www.utopiafest.com. It was getting late and we had not brought a flashlight so we started back. On the way we got to see the sun set behinds the hill.



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