Our Seven Days in Utopia

Day Two.

We had planned to get up in time to see the sunrise but woke up late because I set the alarm for weekend not week day. After having breakfast at the cabin, yes we brought eggs from our chickens with us. That is the beauty of this cabin; it has a full kitchen with everything you need to cook your meals. One thing it is lacking is a dishwasher but hey, that is quit alright. We set out to go to a town called Leakey, pronounced “Lakey”. I have an acquaintance that owns “The Buckhorn Bar and Grill”, just outside of town. The drive there was a bit unsettling, as I am not used to driving in hilly terrain. The roads are like being on a roller coaster. The one thing I noticed the most though is the low water crossings and all the signs saying “watch for water on the road” or the “road may flood”. The water levels are very low at this time and much of the area is und “burn Bans” because of the lack of rain. Many of the shop owners we spoke with have mention that they are hoping for more rain. To get from Utopia to Leakey you have to travel FM 1050 which also takes you past Garner State Park, which we will visit on Thursday.  Highway 83, also called: Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, is another beautiful drive with some scenic views of the Guadalupe River.  It was about ten o’clock when we drove by “The Buckhorn”, the plan was to go into Leakey and visit the shops and kill time until after eleven, then go have lunch back at “Buckhorn”.  Leakey is a little bit bigger than Utopia but it also depends on the tourist season, so we found very few shops open. We did find an antique shop so we stopped and browsed through the offering they had. I did find an old church hymnal that I purchased. Another couple was in the store and they asked where there was a good ma and pop diner in town.  It was coincidental that she mentioned the “The Buckhorn”. We told her that that was where we were planning to have lunch. She said her daughter worked there and the cook was the best in town. Unfortunately I had misread the hours on the website. They were closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

We returned to the cabin for lunch. While we were eating lunch I got a call from a client. She said that their website was down and had been down since Saturday. Now why had they not called sooner? Now I have no internet. I attempted connecting my laptop to my phone but that didn’t worked.  We called the library in Utopia to see if they had Wi-Fi that we could use. They said that they did but they close at three o’clock.  She did say that we could still use the Wi-Fi in the parking lot if they were closed. We grabbed my laptop and headed into Utopia. It only took fifteen minutes to find the problem and fix it. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything difficult.

Later that afternoon we got a call from Christie, the lady that was taking care of our animals. She informed us we had a new baby goat. That was an unexpected event. We were certain that the birthing season was over and none of our regular moms had given birth. One of our recently purchased nannies had kidded and several of them that we were told were pregnant, felled to produce any kids. After dinner we watch some more of the John Adam’s miniseries. Then we tried out the hot tub that is on the back deck of the cabin. Sure wish we could get one it was really nice and relaxing.

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