Our Seven Days in Utopia

Day One. (Please note I am resizing the pictures and will get them posted in day or two.)

This year for vacation we decided to stay in country, The Republic of Texas.  I don’t know where Kitty finds the places we stay at. She found a wonderful cabin out in the middle of nowhere just outside of Utopia. There is no television, no internet and if you don’t have AT&T then no cell service. “Kat’s Kabin” is located on the thousand acre ranch called the “Four Sister Ranch”. If you are wanting a place to spend a weekend or a week away from it all, I highly recommend this place.

It was a four and a half hour drive from Magnolia to the cabin. We stayed off the main highways until we got to San Antonio but we did take the loop around instead of going through downtown. Although the drive was long it was very beautiful, especially once we got into the hill country.  We brought Jazzie with us so we had to make some stops ever now and then for her to do her doggie business.  According to the weather forecast it was going to be a beautiful week with the possibility of some rain on Saturday.

After we got unloaded and settled into the cabin we drive into Utopia.  The town is small with a bank, post office, one gas station, a general store, a feed store, Lost Maples Café, Sabinal River lodge, two antique shops and one shop with a sundry of items. There is also a library with free Wi-Fi, which came in very handy with an emergency that arouse on Tuesday, but we will get to that later. There are also four churches, Assembly of God, Baptist, Methodist and Church of Christ.

You have to bear in mind that this is a very small town and we are here during the off season. There is spring break then the tourist season doesn’t pick up until the end of May, when school lets out.  That afternoon only one shop was open. We had a wonderful chat with the owner. We discussed her efforts to get a farmers market started and some of the history of the town.

Our family does have a history in the town of Utopia. We drove outside of town to see the site of the motel that my uncle owned many years ago. I ‘m not sure of when that was but after it was flooded several times they gave it up. The motel sat on the banks of Sabinal River. New owners tore down the old motel and built a new one on stilts. It is called the “Sabinal River Lodge” now.

Monday evening we cooked dinner at the cabin, played some “washers” on the little play field they have by the fire pit. We built a fire in the pit and just sat back and relaxed from the long drive.  For entertainment we brought the mini-series “John Adams”. I had the dvd set for years but never got to watch it. We began the mini-series that evening.

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