No one slows down…

How many people that drive 249 going north through Tomball notice that the speed limit is reduced to 45mph just south of 2920? Apparently no one must see all the signs. I slow down to 50mph and people are flying past me. Law enforcement could have a jack pot if they would sit just past the speed limit signs.

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Day 1 of Cruise

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Professional pictures from the cruise.

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A question?

When Boo passed away I began the search for a church to attend. I am not going to bash any church because every person has to find the place that they feel right in. Just because I did find that a certain church was right for me does not mean there is anything wrong with the church. That should cover my legal bases, lol. Being in the small town of Magnolia you wouldn’t think there would be many churches to choose from, well you would be wrong. I think there are as many churches here as there are places to eat. So you could say there are places to feed your body and places to feed your soul. I went to the First Baptist Church for a couple of months but not much interaction with the members. Bear in mind this is a large church and I was just one person. I don’t remember when I started going to “The Journey Church” in Waller. I know it was the church that Lisa Guidry went to. We had been dating for a while and then I started going to that church. It was at this church that I was rebaptized. I enjoyed this church very much. Jonie Scruggs has a wonderful way of bringing the word to the people. Unfortunately my relationship with Lisa didn’t last, to no fault of either of us, and I choose to move to another church since this was her church. So thus the search began again. I went to the “Living Water Assembly God”, which brought back memories of my child hood church. Then we tried the Methodist Church and the Champions Cowboy Church. At one point Kitty and I returned to the Journey Church to see their new worship center. (Lisa was no longer attending). We went back and forth between the cowboy church and the Journey church. Went more often to the cowboy church because the 9am service seems to fit our schedule better. Once or twice we saw Lisa or one of her girls there, then nothing. That could have been because we began to go to the 9am service. The church is also based on the Assembly of God platform but without the “Pentecost” or “Holy roller” that I was raised on. So to get to the point. At the Christmas eve service Lisa was serving coffee and I saw both the girls. Now I’m in a dilemma, I like this church and Kitty likes it as well. I have no problem being there although I’m not sure how she and the girls feel. On that Christmas eve night Libby was behind us on the way out and I heard her say “Oh my god, its Charles”. This all being said, should I feel bad about going to this church?

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Even God is computer programmer !

I have been fighting with an issue in the new software I wrote. The problem didn’t show up until I moved it to the production server. I have been struggling with finding a solution for a week… After some heavy duty praying… I (stumbled) was guided to the solution. I had already tried many lines of code and hours of debugging. The solution was two words: “async: false”. Anyway that solved the problem now I need some nice looking “progress bar” (jquery/bootstrap). I am so thankful prayers get answered, no matter how small.

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Black Moon

“Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana.”

These were the first words I heard when I came to. The chant was from female voices in the darkness. I could not see. I was naked. I could feel the cold surface on my back, butt and legs. I tried to open my eyes to no avail. I could not move. My arms and legs were strapped down.

The rhythmic chant was accompanied by several beating drums. The voices recited the chant slowly and melodically, over and over. I tried to say something, but my lips refused to part and my jaw remained motionless. I sensed the smell of smoldering sage and rosemary, along with some other essences that I could not recognize.

The last thing I remember was being in my car on a dark desert highway. I had the top down on my Mercedes letting the cool wind blow through my hair. I was looking for a place to stop. Up ahead in the distance, I saw a glimmering light on a sign that read “Lodging ahead”. My eyes lids were growing heavy as I pulled into the parking lot of the motel. My car died. The lights went out, and so did I.

“Open your eyes”, echoed a voice in my head.

I slowly opened my eyes. The flickering flames of torches surrounded the room. The shadowy forms around me became silhouettes of gyrating females dressed in translucent gowns. A new chant rose from the voices.

“Hecate, Dark Mother take us in. Hecate, let us be reborn.”

Still struggling to move, I watched two naked female forms with smoldering baskets on their heads. They slowly swayed to the chant and glided toward the throne. A large white wolf sat majestically on the seat. It howled melodically along with the chant. Two figures next to the throne, draped the animal with a gold flowing sheet and then knelt before the platform. There was movement beneath the gold material. It began to rise slowly. The chanting voices transitioned into a new chant.

“Queen of Queens, come to us in all our dreams, blessed goddess from afar”. A scarlet haired female emerged from the golden shroud and levitated above the throne.

“Mother of Darkness, Mother of Light. Earth beneath us, soul in flight.” The female form lifted from the throne and glided over to where I was being held hostage on the altar.

“On this night of the Black Moon, I Hecate, will take a human mate. In human form, I shall remain and rule over Earth, air, fire and water. I am Hecate”.

She lowered her body down on me. I was mesmerized by her beauty. I could not resist her charms. As she continued the ritual, to my horror her image seemed to shift from scarlet haired beauty, to gray haired hag. To her original form of the white wolf and back to the red headed Goddess.

The chants and drum beats grew in volume and speed, until Hecate’s wolfen form shimmered into visibility, howled and turned back to the voluptuous beauty. She rose above me and glided to the floor. She was surrounded by the many chanting females. They all began to move to what appeared to be an exit.

“Grant us peace and grant us love. Lead thy children here below. Let us, all thy secrets know”.

I struggled with my restraints again, still to no avail. The chants had faded into silence and the hopelessness of my situation weighed heavily upon me. The drugs they had given me had my body feeling heavy and I was drifting in and out.

“Mister, mister”, came a voice. There was a hand on my shoulder jostling me. “Wake up. You need to get out of here before they come back.”

In my blurry vision I was barely able to make out a form standing next to me. The pressure from the bindings holding my wrist subsided. I felt tugging at the shackles on my ankles. I still was unable to speak. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. The figure lifted my head up and swung my feet around until I was sitting up on the alter. Another wave of dizziness hit me as my feet hit the ground. My stomach churned and I retched.

I could now see that my rescuer was a blonde haired beauty. She was wearing a medieval white tunic. I tried to speak again but I was only able to squeak out “Where am I?”

“We will have time for that later. We have to go, now!”
Supporting most of my weight, she lifted and pulled me toward a faintly lit opening. I could hear voices coming down the corridor. She grabbed a torch from off the wall with her free hand as we entered the hallway. The voices were getting louder, I thought I heard them say. “He can never leave, you have to kill him.” I was suddenly pulled to the side into an open doorway.

Up ahead in the distance, I could see a shimmering light in a courtyard. A rhythmic chant filled the air, while running footsteps echoed behind me.

“What was that thing, what was this all about? Why are you helping me?”

“I was at the symposium you gave on ancient paganism,” she said. “That thing, as you call it, is the goddess, Hecate, or at least her spirit but she is now in human form.”

“Why did she choose me?”

“You should know,” she said. “You are the seventh son of the seventh son and it is a Black Moon.”

“I had totally forgotten about that.” I said. “It was thought to be a myth.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” A voice above us boomed. Hecate suddenly swept down and landed in front of us. She grabbed the girl and threw her like a rag doll, against the corridor wall. Without the girl’s support, my legs buckled beneath me and the lights went out.

When I awoke I was sitting at a large banquet table in a huge ornately decorated room with a mirrored ceiling. Along both sides of the table were females in flowing robes. At the other end of the table was Hecate. There was a large carcass laid out in the middle of the table. Everyone was feverishly stabbing and cutting chunks with their steely knives. A chorus of chants echoed through the room. No one seemed to notice I was there.

I leapt up out of my chair and darted towards the doorway midway down one of the walls. I was running as fast as my drug laden body would let me. I could have sworn the chant behind me had changed to “You can never leave.” I continued down the passage looking for a way out. As I rounded a corner, I slammed into a wall. A dead end. I was panicking. The voices behind me were coming closer and getting louder. I was desperately feeling along the walls, hopelessly trying to find a way out. Suddenly, the floor beneath me gave way and my body began sliding down a slope and gaining speed. For what seemed like forever, I continued sliding until, with a jolt, I slammed into a barrier that shattered under my weight. There, before me, was a parking lot and my car. As I drove off, I saw the shimmering light of the building grow in intensity and then blinked out of existence.

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8 times liberals claimed an election was stolen or rigged.


Over the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump has ramped up complaints that the election process is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Many have been quick to dismiss his claims and have been acting like he’s crazy for saying as much.

On Tuesday, President Obama lashed out at the GOP nominee during a press conference at the White House, saying that Trump’s gripes are historically unprecedented and that he should stop “whining.”

“I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the election process before votes have even taken place,” he said.

Obama’s memory must be pretty short, so I’ve compiled this list to remind him — and everyone else — of eight times liberals claimed an election was or would be stolen.
1. Labor Union Leader Roseann Demoro

The national vice president of the AFL-CIO wrote an article for Salon in which she explained how the Democratic Party primary was “rigged from the start.”

She explained the debate times, media bias, and vote rigging were what kept Bernie Sanders from clinching the Democratic nomination for president. Demoro also claimed Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid met with casino owners where many caucuses were being held, in order to tamper with the election process.

“The Nevada caucuses were then rigged with massive voting irregularities such as casino owners orchestrating which workers would be allowed to vote and, in clear intimidation, openly monitoring how they voted,” she wrote.
2. NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller

This New York University professor has taught several courses and authored several books claiming that George W. Bush’s presidential victories in 2000 and again in 2004 were the result of large-scale fraud.

After John Kerry lost the 2004 presidential election, Miller told Democracy Now! that the Democratic nominee said the election was stolen from him.

“[Kerry] told me he now thinks the election was stolen,” Miller said. “He says he doesn’t believe he is the person that can be out in front because of the sour grapes question. But he said he believes it was stolen.”

His book “Loser Take All: Election Fraud and The Subversion of Democracy, 2000 – 2008” explains how Republicans were going to try to steal the 2008 election away from Obama. Here’s a synopsis of the book:

Among the subjects treated here are: myth of George Bush’s victory in Florida in 2000, and FOX News’s key role in propagating it; Senator Max Cleland’s dubious defeat in Georgia in 2002; Bush’s ‘re-election’ in 2004, including evidence of systematic fraud outside of Ohio; startling evidence of fraud committed in the 2006 midterm elections, which the Democrats appear to have won by a far larger margin than officially reported; and, crucially, evidence that the Republicans will attempt to steal the presidential election in 2008.

In a PBS interview from 2008, Miller explained that voting machines can’t be trusted because the companies that make them have close ties to Republican candidates.

“The use of this kind of voting apparatus is extremely worrisome and something that we should be watching very carefully,” he said.

Amusingly, the title of his 2005 book: “Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They’ll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them)” appears to have been changed to simply “Fooled Again: The Real Case For Election Reform.” The apparent change seems to imply that his fears of the elections being stolen in favor of the GOP were invalidated by Obama’s 2008 victory.
3. Vox’s Ezra Klein

In 2014, Klein wrote a piece explaining that the election process is skewed in favor of incumbent candidates. Once in office, candidates often get to have a say in where the electoral lines are drawn — which means they can gerrymander their way into staying in office.

“A new Rasmussen poll finds that 68 percent of Americans think elections are rigged in favor of incumbents,” he wrote. “And they’re basically right. . . Few congressional elections are seriously competitive. Reelection rates for incumbents tend to hover around 90 percent.”
4. Vox’s Dara Lind

Lind wrote a piece today entitled “A short history of white people rigging elections,” in which she explains how white people intimidated black people by acting violently towards them at the polls.

“Let’s be clear: Rigged elections have happened in American history,” she writes. “But the people who’ve most often rigged elections aren’t liberal elites acting in cahoots with nonwhite shock troops — they’re white supremacists trying to maintain white power in the face of a diverse electorate.”

She’s not wrong — poll taxes, “literacy tests,” and other methods were often employed to disenfranchise black people, but her assertion that it never happens in other circumstances is . . . interesting.

What’s ironic is the publication has taken strides to dismiss Trump’s claims that the election process is rigged, publishing a piece today entitled “I’m a Republican lawyer, here’s why the election can’t be rigged.”

Logan Dobbs put it best here:

5. Politico‘s Ben Wofford

In August, Wofford wrote a piece explaining how the election could be hacked in seven minutes. The piece focuses on a professor who bought an $82 voting machine and hacked with it so he could manipulate results.

“In American politics, an onlooker might observe that hacking an election has been less of a threat than a tradition,” he writes, citing Huey Long’s infamous rigging in 1932, and the 1948 “Lynden Landslide” during which Lynden B. Johnson “mysteriously overcame a 20,000 vote deficit in his first Senate race.”
6. Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall

In 2006, Marshall accused the Ohio secretary of State of helping to steal the 2004 election in favor of Bush. Now, he says Trump’s claims of election-rigging are “disgusting.”

7. Salon’s Farhad Manjoo

“Was the New Hampshire vote stolen?” Manjoo asked of the 2008 New Hampshire primary Clinton unexpectedly won.

In recent years several factors — 1) crazily hackable voting machines, 2) generally heightened partisanship, 3) very close races, and 4) a real, honest-to-goodness purloined race (see Bush v. Gore) — have raised the paranoid in all of us. Wondering if any election outcome is honest has become a standard post-election emotion; not wondering, now that’s just crazy.

Manjoo concluded his piece by saying that even if we fixed our voting machines, it still wouldn’t make elections fair.
8. Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Today, Warren chided Trump on Twitter:

In 2013, however, Warren went on the Senate floor to chastise Republicans for making “naked attempts to nullify the results of the last presidential election. To force us to govern as though President Obama hadn’t won the 2012 election.” At the time, she conveniently seems to have forgotten that Republicans in Congress had also won an electoral mandate through their own re-elections. Unless she was implying Republican lawmakers’ re-elections were fraudulent despite being conducted by the same process as Obama’s re-election.

As John Gibbs wrote, voter fraud is very much a real thing. According to a 2012 Pew Charitable Trust report, roughly 18 million voter registrations are either “significantly inaccurate” or invalid — enough to tip an election. Yet somehow when Donald Trump echoes the concerns about election integrity many Americans have had for years, it’s totally insane. I guess election-rigging only matters when Democrats lose.
Bre Payton is a staff writer at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter.
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Farm House Bed Project – Part 1

We were able to finally start working on the bed project. We spent about an hour on it.


This is an example of the finished project. We spent approximately $190 on materials. I did have to purchase a new tool for this endeavor.  I bought a pneumatic brad nail gun for $60.


Picture of the stack of lumber that was needed.
First we will make the head board. I cut the 1″ x 8″ x 8′ white pine boards into 30″ sections (eight pieces needed). I also went ahead and cut the eight, 15″ sections for the foot board. I laid out the eight, 30″ section on a table and selected which side of each that I thought looked best.



Using the brad nailer and wood glue, attach the top and bottom boards.


This creates the head board….(to be Continued)

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John Galt’s Speech

For twelve years you’ve been asking “Who is John Galt?” This is John Galt speaking. I’m the man who’s taken away your victims and thus destroyed your world. You’ve heard it said that this is an age of moral crisis and that Man’s sins are destroying the world. But your chief virtue has been sacrifice, and you’ve demanded more sacrifices at every disaster. You’ve sacrificed justice to mercy and happiness to duty. So why should you be afraid of the world around you?

Your world is only the product of your sacrifices. While you were dragging the men who made your happiness possible to your sacrificial altars, I beat you to it. I reached them first and told them about the game you were playing and where it would take them. I explained the consequences of your ‘brother-love’ morality, which they had been too innocently generous to understand. You won’t find them now, when you need them more than ever.

We’re on strike against your creed of unearned rewards and unrewarded duties. If you want to know how I made them quit, I told them exactly what I’m telling you tonight. I taught them the morality of Reason – that it was right to pursue one’s own happiness as one’s principal goal in life. I don’t consider the pleasure of others my goal in life, nor do I consider my pleasure the goal of anyone else’s life.

I am a trader. I earn what I get in trade for what I produce. I ask for nothing more or nothing less than what I earn. That is justice. I don’t force anyone to trade with me; I only trade for mutual benefit. Force is the great evil that has no place in a rational world. One may never force another human to act against his/her judgment. If you deny a man’s right to Reason, you must also deny your right to your own judgment. Yet you have allowed your world to be run by means of force, by men who claim that fear and joy are equal incentives, but that fear and force are more practical.

You’ve allowed such men to occupy positions of power in your world by preaching that all men are evil from the moment they’re born. When men believe this, they see nothing wrong in acting in any way they please. The name of this absurdity is ‘original sin’. That’s inmpossible. That which is outside the possibility of choice is also outside the province of morality. To call sin that which is outside man’s choice is a mockery of justice. To say that men are born with a free will but with a tendency toward evil is ridiculous. If the tendency is one of choice, it doesn’t come at birth. If it is not a tendency of choice, then man’s will is not free.

And then there’s your ‘brother-love’ morality. Why is it moral to serve others, but not yourself? If enjoyment is a value, why is it moral when experienced by others, but not by you? Why is it immoral to produce something of value and keep it for yourself, when it is moral for others who haven’t earned it to accept it? If it’s virtuous to give, isn’t it then selfish to take?

Your acceptance of the code of selflessness has made you fear the man who has a dollar less than you because it makes you feel that that dollar is rightfully his. You hate the man with a dollar more than you because the dollar he’s keeping is rightfully yours. Your code has made it impossible to know when to give and when to grab.

You know that you can’t give away everything and starve yourself. You’ve forced yourselves to live with undeserved, irrational guilt. Is it ever proper to help another man? No, if he demands it as his right or as a duty that you owe him. Yes, if it’s your own free choice based on your judgment of the value of that person and his struggle. This country wasn’t built by men who sought handouts. In its brilliant youth, this country showed the rest of the world what greatness was possible to Man and what happiness is possible on Earth.

Then it began apologizing for its greatness and began giving away its wealth, feeling guilty for having produced more than its neighbors. Twelve years ago, I saw what was wrong with the world and where the battle for Life had to be fought. I saw that the enemy was an inverted morality and that my acceptance of that morality was its only power. I was the first of the men who refused to give up the pursuit of his own happiness in order to serve others.

To those of you who retain some remnant of dignity and the will to live your lives for yourselves, you have the chance to make the same choice. Examine your values and understand that you must choose one side or the other. Any compromise between good and evil only hurts the good and helps the evil.

If you’ve understood what I’ve said, stop supporting your destroyers. Don’t accept their philosophy. Your destroyers hold you by means of your endurance, your generosity, your innocence, and your love. Don’t exhaust yourself to help build the kind of world that you see around you now. In the name of the best within you, don’t sacrifice the world to those who will take away your happiness for it.

The world will change when you are ready to pronounce this oath:
I swear by my Life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man,
nor ask another man to live for the sake of mine.

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Breaking News – Plots uncovered at the RNC

Breaking News

By Veronica Miles The Houston Tribune

Cleveland, Ohio
July 19, 2016

Confidential sources confirmed with me that several plots were uncovered and stopped during the early morning hours on Tuesday. A man was found in one of the kitchens preparing to mix rat poison into the BBQ Sauce that was going to be served to the Texas delegates for lunch on Tuesday. Arresting officers said they found #NeverTrump documents on his person. Another unrelated incident involved an undercover agent posing as a BLM supporter. He was approached by a person looking to have Donald Trump assassinated during his acceptance speech. The suspect is now in custody. He had offered the agent $10,000 and said that he had everything needed to make this happen. When the FBI searched the suspects room they found a sophisticated 3D printer, plans, materials to make an sniper riffle and several different security passes that would have allowed the person into secured areas. On further investigation of his social media page they found links to the #NeverTrump movement. The FBI has not released the identity of the suspects in either of these plots.

This is Veronica Miles keeping you informed.




I had originally started to post this on Facebook as a breaking news story to see if it would get any attention but I chickened out.


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