Our Story

      We moved from Katy, Texas to the great little town of Magnolia in August of 2005.  Our dream was to raise as much food on the land that we could.  We wanted to do this to eliminate all the bad things that are in our processed foods we buy from the stores out of our diet.
The first animals we bought were chickens.  We waited patiently to get our first eggs and now we have not bought eggs from the store since 2006. We currently have 71 laying hens with 59 more maturing.
      Our next animals were rabbits, then came goats and to satisfy a childhood dream we have a pair of Black Shouldered Peafowl.  During that time we raised several turkeys that we had for one Thanksgiving and two Christmas gatherings.  We just recently had our first baby goat and are now enjoying fresh raw goat milk.
     Over the years we have had several great gardens, although 2009 was a disaster.  This year we are planting a bigger garden and adding a small orchard.  This year we bought seeds from a well known seed company and the results were disastrous.  The seeds we bought from Wal-Mart did 100% better.