Brown/White Eggs

$3.00 dozen
(effective 01/01/2017)

pint jars 
Salsa Verde
Dragon Fire

Call for availability and directions

You can visit us at the
Magnolia Farmers Market
on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday of each month from 11-3pm

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Up Coming Markets

December 17th - 11am to 3 pm
January 7th - 11am to 3 pm

Our Story

We moved from Katy, Texas to the great little town of Magnolia in August of 2005. Now it is almost august 2013. We have 139 laying hens with 90 due to start laying in a few weeks. We have a herd of goats both registered and commercial stock. In this herd we have Show goats, meat and dairy goats. Our dream was to raise as much food on the land that we could. We wanted to do this to eliminate all the bad things that are in our processed foods we buy from the stores out of our diet. We have tried gardens for several years but they just don't seem to give back as much as we have to put in. So we have about decided to forgo the garden and opt for buying from the local farmers. To That end we now own and manage the "Sweet Magnolia Pickins Farmers and Artisans Market" in Magnolia. We get plenty of local produce, grass fed meat and other locally crafted items.

  Avalable 11/18/2013  

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